“Virtuous voices: building communities of change” exhibition in Athens

Visit Iana Kopylova’s campaign exhibition in Athens, Greece in March!

As the European elections swiftly approach between June 6th and June 9th, 2024, it’s a critical moment for us to shape the future of the European Union. Your vote carries significant weight.During this pivotal time, the perspectives of migrant women often remain unheard in politics. Our initiative aims to change this by empowering migrant women to fully participate in the political sphere.Through captivating stories, I would like to highlight the resilience of migrant women, inspiring others to take action and vote.Join us in exploring our compelling photo exhibition and immersing yourself in the extraordinary stories of these remarkable women. Let’s unite to create a future where every voice is valued.Your vote counts!

Where: Emmanouil Benaki 67, Athens, 10681 (location)
When: 5 – 18 March, from 9am till 2pm