AGENCY: VOTE WITH HER is a project of the European Network of Migrant Women (ENoMW), in collaboration with femLENS, as well as  several national and local organisations in EU states (Akidwa in Ireland, MONIKA in Finland, Olympe in France, MIGS in Cyprus, Ukrainian Women Union in Greece, Oasis in Belgium, Por ti Mujer in Spain, European Organisation for Integration in Germany, Afghan Women Organisation in Sweden, Iroko in Italy).

The main objective of AGENCY is to increase political participation of women with migrant backgrounds in the context of the European Parliament’s elections 2024. 


In the period from May till November 2023, the changemakers – over 50 women from diverse backgrounds in 14 EU states – took part in the programme that included online and in-person training sessions covering a range of topics, from the EU institutional architecture and legislative processes, to campaigning and advocacy. They also got familiarised with the PHOTOVOICE – a tool that helps individuals and communities convey their stories and political messages through the medium of photography.


In the period from January till May 2024,  the participants of AGENCY will organise their own campaigns, combining PHOTOVOICE and documentary photography within their own localities with the aim to communicate their vision and their concerns to wider public and to encourage their communities to participate in the 2024 EU elections. 

Importance of Migrant Women's

Political Participation

In the European Union, the right to vote in the EU elections is reserved to its citizens. This means that anyone who holds an EU passport and has been residing in the EU, has the right to vote.


Many migrant women who arrived to the European Union from countries outside the EU have acquired the EU citizenship. Some, 2nd and 3rd generation migrant  women, became EU citizens by birth. There are also women who migrated from one EU state to another. All these women can vote in the EU elections.  

However, many third-country national migrant women in EU states cannot participate in the EU elections, because of their lack of the EU citizenship. This does not mean that EU elections are not relevant or important for these migrant women. They are, because European parliamentarians’ decisions have a direct impact on our lives, opportunities and rights.


Even though not all of us can vote, we can encourage others to exercise this important democratic right. 

European Parliament, Brussels


Anna Zobnina

Strategy and Executive Director of the European Network of Migrant Women

Anna is overlooking the good implementation of the overall project, keeping in touch with the partners and is also one of the AGENCY trainers.

Alyssa Ahrabare​

Advocacy and Legal Officer of the European Network of Migrant Women

Alyssa is coordinating the AGENCY project. She is one of the AGENCY trainers and provides the change-makers with resources and support.

Rosa González

Project Facilitator of the European Network of Migrant Women

Rosa works as a project facilitator in the AGENCY project. She provides operational support and maintains communication between the facilitators, the change-makers and the ENoMW team.


Jekaterina Saveljeva

Founder and Workshop Facilitator at femLENS

Jekaterina is delivering and overseeing workshops, story and campaign development, and helping organise exhibitions.

Maria Vesselko

Co-founder and Administrator at femLENS

Maria is overseeing campaign development, keeping in touch with all Changemakers for any technical and/or other needs.

Elena Palaiorouta

Researcher at femLENS and general support for AGENCY

Elena is providing research related support, developing materials, as well as other tasks during the bootcamps and other events.