A journey "home"

Text and photos by Jutatip Talumassawat

Throughout my journey as a migrant, the concept of home has continuously evolved. Adapting to new environments, languages, and cultures has been a daunting task. However, marrying my husband marked a significant shift. His community embraced me, offering a sense of belonging and connection. Over time, I forged friendships with fellow migrants, sharing our common experiences and understanding each other’s struggles.

Empathy grew as I realised the importance of recognising and validating the experience of others. Xenophobia, once prevalent, highlighted the pain of feeling alienated. Upholding a humanitarian ethos, I advocate for the rights of all individuals, regardless of race, gender, or age.

With the European Union elections on the horizon, scheduled for the 9th of June, these personal values gain a public stage. We see how crucial it is to choose representatives who reflect our collective ethos, those committed to fostering societies that welcome, integrate, and uplift every individual.

While it may be challenging for governments to ensure equal living standards, every person deserves access to fundamental necessities such as healthcare, food, shelter, and clothing. Migrants, integral to the labor market, contribute significantly across various sectors, bridging crucial gaps in the workforce. As constituents, we have the power to elect those who will influence policy towards achieving these standards for all.

To facilitate integration and foster a sense of belonging, policymakers must prioritize the security, basic needs, and human rights of migrants. By creating inclusive policies, we pave the way for migrants to feel at ease and truly call their adopted country “HOME.”

As we approach the ballot boxes, let us remember our collective journey towards an integrated community. Let your vote on the 9th of June echo the empathy and support that shaped many migrant stories, including my own. Cast your vote for a European Union that embraces all individuals as part of one human family, ensuring that everyone can find a home within its borders.