Female Power of Afghan Women; The Potential of Migrant Women is Affecting the EU policy!

Text and photos by Mahnaz Peruz

The fall of Afghanistan and the Taliban’s domination in Afghanistan by August 2021 prompted a new wave of educated women to be evacuated to different countries of the world, including the European Union and Germany.

Most of the women who formed an important part of Afghanistan’s civil, social and political situation grew up in war, insecurity and suicide threats. Nevertheless, they are now under conditions to address new goals and their goals simultaneously, considering three fronts:

  • to get used to the new environment, language, culture in new society

  • to be observers of the violence and Taliban crimes in Afghanistan

  • the struggle to take care and direction on global community policy against Taliban crimes

That is an ability that we can see only in Afghan women, most of whom in their country could achieve their positions in their own country with great difficulty so their lives have been restrained by the struggle and right-seeking.

As an Afghan woman, when I came to Germany, I needed time in a safe place to deal with the shock of the fall of Afghanistan and the loss of the achievements that many women worked hard to get for over 20 year. For a long time I could not accept that I am in a safe place and that the sound of the New Year fireworks was just for happiness and not like thousands of Taliban arrows on the night of conquest of Kabul. But now I have to be stronger than ever.

Now there are many women in Afghanistan who are in the hands of the Taliban as well as, many women have been imprisoned in their homes. They have been deprived of work, social activity and education. These are not possible due to the illegitimate and extremist rule of the Taliban.

The purpose of this campaign is to show the power of Afghan immigrant women who take every opportunity to express their views and bring the voice of Afghan women to the European political and civil forums.

My campaign focuses on three women:

  • An educated and well-known woman who was a deputy of one of Afghanistan’s ministries before the fall of Afghanistan who is now trying to persuade officials to evacuate more women

  • A young artist who always has something new to say, and who sometimes finds herself alone, is the powerful voice of all Afghan women

  • A committed civil activist whose concern is the newly evacuated women

The effort of all these women is not to let the world forget Afghan women and leave them alone with Taliban! Women who are working for the world to recognize gender apartheid in Afghanistan.

The European parliamentary elections in Germany will be on 9 June. These elections are important because you can vote on who will lead the European Parliament for the next five years! With every informed vote there will be more hope that the new European Parliament will be able to stand firmly on the right side of history with Afghan women.