Everyday Life Amidst Adversity

Text and photos by Aída M. Villagrán

What lies within the heart of a migrant woman, far from her homeland and separated from three of her children? She smiles, tenderly caring for those who remain near, concealing her tears and despair. Despite enduring pain and facing numerous obstacles, she perseveres, embracing life with unwavering optimism.

Irene was born in Cameroon, where she worked in logistics and transport. Faced with Cameroon’s challenging economic conditions, she ventured to Spain, seeking a brighter future for herself and her children. Four of her children accompany her, while the others have stayed back in Cameroon, unseen by her for four years. She harbors the hope of reuniting her entire family someday. Her journey has been fraught with challenges; securing employment or housing in a foreign land is daunting, especially as a woman, of African descent, and a migrant.

Like everyone else, Irene is entitled to a life of dignity, where her children can stay by her side, receive education, and grow in a serene environment. From June 6 to 9, 2024, European citizens will be presented with the chance to influence the future course of European politics.

The European Parliament enacts legislation impacting everyone, including migrant women like Irene. She aspires to live with her children in dignity—a universal desire, isn’t it?

By voting, you choose Members of the European Parliament who advocate for migrant women on issues like intersectionality, anti-racism, employment access, and expedited residence permits. These MEPs make decisions that influence our daily lives. We possess the chance to contribute to the creation of a more just and equitable society, where every mother can be with her children, secure employment, and have a home, irrespective of her skin color or origin.

Your vote matters.

Make it count.