Every day sheroes

Text and photos by Maria Carolina Guzman Gonzalez

In Spain, migrant women are a fundamental but often overlooked part of the workforce, particularly in the sectors of care and domestic work. They represent a significant portion of employees in these areas, with 42.7% of those affiliated to the special system for domestic employees being foreign nationals. Despite their crucial contributions, these women face stark disparities in compensation and recognition.

The average salary in household services is just 981 euros – 54% lower than the total gross monthly average salary. Moreover, a substantial 39% of these women hold higher education degrees, underscoring the mismatch between their qualifications and their employment conditions.

Their challenges are vividly illustrated by the women we encounter daily—those caring for children and the elderly, working in cafeterias, or ensuring homes are clean. As they dedicate their labor and energy to our society, their own needs as human beings and as citizens remain increasingly neglected.

It’s time for change. As the EU elections approach, on the 9th of June your vote can amplify the voices of those who are often unheard. It’s crucial to support policies and representatives who recognize and address the needs of all workers, including migrant women in care and domestic roles. Let’s vote for fairness, equality, and dignity for everyone. Make your voice count in the EU elections—because every vote can lead to meaningful change.

Elections are the opportunity to defend the human rights of migrant women.