Tahmina Ibrahimkhel

Tahmina Ibrahimkhel

Tahmina Ibrahimkhel, Afghanistan
Bio: Tahmina is from Afghanistan, currently living in Italy. 

Tahmina is 25 years old graphic designer and peace activist from Afghanistan. She holds a degree in graphic design from fine arts faculty, Kabul University, she graduated from University in 2016. Tahmina has been very keen and talented in creating artwork and has taken part in many peace building projects such as One Image One Message, Cultural Diversity, and many photography contests. She found her passion in graphic designing and figital graphics. She has always depicted the Afghan women’s struggle including child marriage and toxic masculinity.

Later on she started working in a consulting company named Pearl Horizon consultancy in 2017 as a project assistant, during her time with PHC she worked tirelessly on projects concerning creating job opportunities for Afghan young
women and providing training for new Afghan women entrepreneurs. Afterwards she started working with a private NGO named Neema Amin as a social media manager in 2017 to financially support her family.

She has been participating in many photography competitions and training funded by the Australian Embassy and was awarded with a certificate as one of the best photographers in 2018. She was also a winner of AIBF scholarship for six months to learn finance and banking. Afterwards she got an internship in (FMFB) First Micro Finance for 3 months in 2019.

Due to the Taliban's constitution and restrictions placed on females in Afghanistan, she is no longer welcome or allowed to work in any private/governmental offices and educational institutions in Afghanistan.

Tahmina is living with her sister and mother, without the company of a male required by the Taliban Government. Her younger sister (Hadia) is a women’s right advocate currently in search and a big target by the Taliban. Tahmina believes in women’s rights and peace and want to continue working for justice but now she is in hiding with her sister and mother and are constantly moving so they are not killed for the work that they did.

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