Oniba Sadiqi

Oniba Sadiqi

Oniba Sadiqi, Afghanistan
Bio: Oniba is 19 years old from Afghanistan, currently living in Germany. She is an Afghan activist in sports, women and children rights. She was born in 2003 in Herat Province of Afghanistan and is currently working as reporter in AWNAO and the liaison officer in NAWUG and also, she was Icafe Manager and Amaria saffron Marketer for a while.

Oniba was student in Computer Science since she was in Afghanistan before Taliban took over Afghanistan but recently, she arrived in Germany and she is learning German Language (B2 level) in Straubing Munich-Germany. She can speak Persian, English and German.

She has interest in volleyball, fitness and Karate. Oniba is chosen as a member of Dingolfing-Munich Volleyball team but due to some reasons she cannot use the membership and play officially in that team.

Besides her interest; she obtained the best scores during her school days. That advantage enabled her got scholarship from Dunya University. Also, as she is interesting to writing, she has a small collection of poems which published as a book under name of “HAWA BOYE TO DARAD”.

Besides her active role in women and children development, she is part of GBV advocacy group of WCLRF, Marketing officer for Amaria Co, member of Eagle online Academy and she was a member of AID group at school. 

She is currently an active member for Network of Afghan Women in Urban Governance (NAWUG) and Afghan Women News Agency (AWNAO). For a better Afghanistan, she works hard through her talent in sport and studies the new technology and technical subjects, but she wants to change he study field to Medicine due to her interest in Biology and she will learn Guitar as soon as she can. 

She loves to study astronomy and work with people who are dealing with astronauts. Also, loves to study Medicine and networking.

She was teaching German alphabets to Afghans for a short period of time which has published in Straubing Tag Magazin also she is working with Teil Kreis-Straubing as volunteer and help Afghans with translation who live in Leiblfing-Munich.