Natalia Campos

Natalia Campos

Natalia Campos, Brazil
Bio: Natalia Campos is a 34 year old, self-taught, freelance photographer, originally from Brazil and based in Dublin, Ireland for the last eight years.

She has photographed protests, rallies, celebrations and other news events over the past five years, as well as reported on the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine as a result of Russia's invasion. In addition, she documented a variety of social and cultural events in various communities in Ireland, with the Brazilian diaspora being the main focus.

Natalia is a Getty Images contributor who has had her work published in a number of international news media and exhibited in Cologne, Dublin, London and Tbilisi.

Her photographic work focuses on events of a social or political nature, in which she seeks to document traditions, customs and festivities with an ethnological value and use a humanistic approach in order to highlight collective causes or expose social problems as well as everyday life.

Aside from documentary photography, Campos' interests include cinema, literature, feminism, art, journalism and history. She also enjoys taking nature walks, street photography, travelling, and reading.