Mila Auvinet

Mila Auvinet

Mila Auvinet, France

Bio: I have worked as a psychologist in places where I have met many migrant women who suffer because of violence. The stories of the women I met are moving to me and I would like the world to hear their pain. These experiences have made me aware of the impact of exile and violence on mental health, and of the inadequacy of legal systems to deal with these consequences.

I feel that mental health is sometimes overlooked in legal decisions. I want my studies to enable me to fight for the rights of migrant women from another point of view.

I would like to help women feel good about themselves when exile, violence and patriarchy have an impact on their identity, their self-esteem and their abilities.

I hope my work will give them back a part of what has been taken from them, through love, humanity and rights.

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