Mahnaz Peruz

Mahnaz Peruz

Mahnaz Peruz, Afghanistan
Bio: Mahnaz is 37 years old from Afghanistan, currently living in Germany. 

Mahnaz was born in an educated family in Afghanistan. She has done her bachelor in Law and Political Science school- Herat University on 2010. During her bachelor she was also director of Kawesh magazine, a formal magazine that belongs to Law and Political Science faculty. At the same time she was volunteer for women and children activities. One of her articles won the Manfred Warner Award from NATO on 2010 and it is officially published.

In 2011 She worked as the advocator of Voice of Women Organization (VWO) and also worked voluntarily as secretary of  protection of family committee of Herat Provincial Council till 2018.

In 2012 she works as Regional Reintegration Officer of Voice of Women Organization (VWO). Based on the competitive recruitment process, she was selected as Director of Youth Affairs Department in 2012. She has attended many national and international conferences such as Afghanistan’s Challenges international conference. She also has received many awards from the presidency, Information and Culture Ministry, Youth Directory, Afghanistan Parliament and Civil Society Organizations. Some of her achievements are leading youth towards a culture of volunteerism, organizing some cultural programs, coordinating and organizing cultural affairs addressing to support youth towards sports, social and artistic activities and preventing them from drugs. She also taught in Khaje AbdullAh Ansari private university for 2 years.

Since 2016 she had worked as Printing press Director. Last but not least, in 2018 in the book “Hariva Green Thinkers” written by Leilima Ebrahimi, she is introduced as one of 26 best elites of Herat Province.

After many security threats, she stopped her activities in Afghanistan and after the fall of Afghanistan by the Taliban, She left there and lives in Germany. At the same time, now she works as a volunteer with two Organizations for immigrant women in Berlin.


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