Farhana Akter

Farhana Akter

Farhana Akter, Bangladesh, Portugal
Bio: Meet Farhana Akter: A Catalyst for Integration and Empowerment

Hailing from Bangladesh, Farhana Akter embodies simplicity, positivity, and a deep sense of cohesion. With a robust academic background, Farhana's journey began with a Master's degree in Chemistry, laying a strong foundation for her endeavors in community development. Her academic competence, coupled with her innate ability to embrace connections, have been instrumental in her success as an educator and mediator.

Since relocating to Portugal in 2020, Farhana has been actively engaged as an Intercultural Mediator in Lisbon Portugal, where she works tirelessly to support migrants and refugees in their journey to integrate into the local community. With her unwavering commitment and compassionate approach, Farhana plays a pivotal role in fostering inclusivity and understanding among diverse groups.
Driven by a genuine curiosity about the world and its inhabitants, Farhana thrives on exploring life and seeking opportunities to make positive impact. She approaches each interaction with respect and an eagerness to learn, valuing the opportunity to delve into diverse cultures and traditions.

Furthermore, Farhana is a co-founder of Cooperative BANDIM in Lisbon, a pioneering initiative focused on empowering migrant women. Through Cooperative Bandim, she channels her passion for cultural exchange and creativity, creating a vibrant platform for individuals to showcase knowledge and talents and share their cultural heritage, promoting inclusivity and diversity.

As Farhana continues to tread her path of personal and professional growth, her unwavering optimism and boundless empathy serve as guiding beacons, inspiring those around her to embrace unity and strive for positive change. In her journey towards empowerment and integration, Farhana Akter stands as a testament to the transformative power of compassion and solidarity.

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